Your Goals, My Mission

Programs are customized to your desired results; we can work on multiple goals simultaneously.

Build Lean Muscle 

Add muscle and definition with weight training targeting your specific body shape goals.


Strength and muscle size require different training variables.  We can build strength with a noticeable difference in body shape but without an increase in size.

Fat Loss

Decreasing fat requires work in multiple areas including building muscle, boosting the metabolism, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle factors, and high-intensity exercise. 


Targeting specific body areas is the fun part!  Whether you want to shape, tone, contour, or lift, your program will incorporate exercises for those results.    

Squat, Deadlift, & Bench Press

Technical lifts take a lifetime to refine.  I can help adjust your form and provide progression guidance with my background in competitive Powerlifting.


Focus on rehab, stabilizers, core, and muscle activation.  Great for beginners, getting back into it, or special care after an injury or surgery.

Pre & Post Natal

Pregnancy-safe exercise will give you energy, relieve stress, help you sleep, ease pregnancy discomfort, and build strength & endurance.