Welcome to huba method fitness

Hi!  I'm Elaine Huba, a personal trainer who likes exercise (like most personal trainers do).  But not too much.  I like to workout just the right amount.  I can't be in the gym too long because that would get tedious and I have other stuff to do, things to see, and a toddler to run after. 

I also like to feel bare-skin-comfortable all year round so I can jet off on a last-minute tropical vacation if the occasion ever arose.  As such, I'm really good at designing effective workouts with powerful exercises that get results in less time.  

I have a deep appreciation for cooking healthy meals from scratch that are authentic, full of flavor, and most importantly easy.  I want every bite of food to add to the enjoyment of life because everyday life should be as satisfying as a holiday.

I love my job.  I help you find that sweet spot in life, where fitness and eating healthily fit seamlessly in.  Even though getting and staying in shape is work, you'll be surprised that it can be far less complicated than the fitness industry would suggest.  

I'm excited to discover your sweet spot.  I want you to be comfortable in your body.  And I want you to spend more time living.  

 Elaine Huba, Master Personal Trainer in Calgary stretching her quad muscle while enjoying the scenery of a cloudy and blue sky.

What Makes Me Your Trainer 


Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology; University of Calgary

Certified Personal Trainer; Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology

Certified Nutrition Coach; Precision Nutrition

Functional Movement Screen, Functional Movement Systems

Weightlifting Technical - National Coaching Certification

Akhanda Yoga Teacher Trainer - World Conscious Yoga Family


10+ Years in the Fitness Industry

Positions: Personal Trainer, Gym Manager, Yoga Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Practicum Student Supervisor. 

Coach/Referee at 20+ Powerlifting Competitions, including Assistant Coach at IPF World's Powerlifting Championships 2014

Published Author in 3  Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal Publications

CanFit Pro Accredited Continuing Education Instructor

 Expert Health and Wellness Speaker at Corporate Seminars 

Magazine Model and Column Writer

Athletic Accomplishment

Ranked Top 50 of the strongest women in Canadian history - Canadian Powerlifting Union

National Record Holder 2012 - Bench Press, Deadlift, and overall total

Best Overal Female Powerlifter - University of Alberta Powerlifting Association

Philosophy & Training Style 

Personal training is based on Eastern Bloc Soviet strength training protocols, high-intensity interval fat loss techniques, and mobility work for quick, effective results.

My style of personal training is ideal for anyone; exercises are centered on core lifts and multi-joint exercises. Programs are tailored to the clients’ fitness level, lifestyle goals, or sport-specific requisites.


Elaine Huba, Master Personal Trainer and owner of huba method fitness, smiling and posing against a blue graffiti wall in Kensington, Calgary.

I Believe:

Fitness should fit seamlessly into your life.  

In enjoying effective workouts that don't sacrifice other areas of your life. 

Exercise is powerful and that you only need the most effective exercises for your goals.

Fitness and nutritious eating should add to your life and not lead to deprivation, hunger, or guilt.     

In cooking wholesome meals and that it's possible to make healthy choices when eating from restaurants.

You can have your cake and (occasionally) eat it too!

I believe in your potential, your happiness, and your goals. 

Executive Summary

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science program, I majored in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.  During that time, I worked in the exercise physiology laboratory, and published three original articles in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology and Experimental Gerontology.

As well, I was involved in an intensive semester-long practicum at the Canadian Centre of Sport where I was able to synergize exercise physiology theories with applied strength and conditioning.  It was in this setting where I received NCCP Technical Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting training, and learned that programs ought to centre on core lifts, multi-joint exercises, and be personalized to an athlete’s sport-specific condition.

Upon graduation, I obtained a Certified Personal Training certificate through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, as well as, becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher through World Conscious Family Yoga.  I have over ten years of work experience in personal training, coaching, and managing in a variety of gym and recreational settings and sporting contexts.

Throughout this time, I have become a leader in the fitness industry by achieving top trainer at Bankers Hall Club in 2013 and 2012, and top 5 out of 300 personal trainers across Calgary gyms in 2013 and 2012.  More importantly, I have had the opportunity to inspire many individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve their fitness goals.

I have been successful in my personal athletic endeavors, placing 1st at the National Powerlifting Championships in 2012 and breaking the National record for bench press, deadlift, and overall powerlifting total.  During my time actively competing I earned the recognition of being one of the top 50 strongest women in the history of Canadian Powerlifting.

Most recently, I've returned to personal training in-person after three years of writing workout programs digitally and maternity leave.  I spent my time away studying and directly experiencing the immense benefits of pre and post-natal training.