• Elaine Huba, Master Personal Trainer in Calgary stretching her quad muscle while enjoying the scenery of a cloudy and blue sky.

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Welcome to huba method. I'm so glad you're here!

As an award-winning personal trainer with over a decade of transformation experience, I know the power of exercise. Whatever motivation you have to reshape into your mind's image is the desire to feel comfortable in your body.  Comfort that comes with a confident glow and boundless mental strength. 

Tell me your goal body shape or ideal athletic capacity. We will turn your dreams into reality.

What I Do


Since working with Elaine I have discovered the immense benefits of proper strength & lifting techniques.

GERI GREENALL Founder, VP & CCO of Kyklopes Capital Management

Elaine's extensive knowledge and experience allows her clients to reach their fitness goals.


I began working with Elaine in 2013 and she has literally changed my life.  She is an expert in her field and if you want results she will deliver. I've never felt better!

MICHAEL BOLIANATZ Regulatory Compliance Coordinator

Elaine is the best coach I had, by a significant margin.

ROBERT P. BIETZ Director, Wealth Management, Senior Wealth Advisor

I never fully understood just how strong, fit, toned & slim I could be till I truly committed myself to working with Elaine.

TANYA STEVENSON Change & Project Manager, Author



I love how you’re inspiring so many women and growing the sport.  I can see how functional, practical, but also empowering it is for them.  You’re making such a difference. Way to go Coach!!

REBECCA GARLAND Wellness Coach, Strength Specialist & Author of NOURISH

Through Elaine’s passion for the sport, expertise and knowledge in training as well as her compassion for all of her clients, I feel I have become a better personal trainer myself and found my own passion for the sport.

ERIN ASHBACHER B.KIN, Personal Trainer


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